Friday, 20 April 2012

Cherry blossom in West Smithfield

Cherry blossom in West Smithfield
(garden to the left and Smithfield market in background)
11.5" x 17", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
in Moleskine Sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell - all rights reserved

I've just returned to London and seeing all the cherry blossom everywhere reminds me very much of a pleasant hour or so sat sketching this sunny scene in West Smithfield in April two years ago.

You can thank the Japanese Ukiyo-e artists Hokusai and Hiroshige for reminding me of the strength of designs in their pictures of cherry trees and that you can have a tree trunk which is barely in the picture plane!

My blog post then The Courtauld, Old Bank of England and West Smithfield tells you about the very considerable history behind this place and its connections with both Wat Tayler and William Wallace.


  1. wow I just happened to check this site after getting home from our sketchcrawl where we stopped to draw the very same spot!
    we missed each other by a day!
    I really like your colours in this, especially the corresponding reds and pinks around the blossom. that tree was majestic, no?

  2. It certainly is a splendid tree. I found it fascinating that the pinks were much darker in value than I was expecting to see. Looks like you had a good sketchcrawl! :)

  3. This is just gorgeous. You have SUCH an eloquent way of depicting light, Katherine.


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