Monday, 5 March 2012

Meet the correspondents: Adebanji Alade

My hands start shaking, I can't keep them still, my eyes have seen a face, an interesting face. One that I cannot afford to miss. I'm on the train, it's packed full of commuters, everyone is staring at me! But I must sketch! It's an addiction, it's a compulsive habit. Something I have developed by wild practice over the years. London Public transport has every face in this world to enliven a sketchbook and once I turn to a plain page in my sketchbook the possibilities are endless. I may catch a beautiful lady putting on make up, I may grab a city workaholic stealing a nap on the 30 minute journey on the Southeastern trains to Canon Street or the faces all around me just to keep my hands busy. This is everything about me when it comes to sketching. My artillery consists of a Bic ball point pen, an A6 Daler Rowney Sketchbook and a number 75 Tom Bow wash pen(light grey).

Me and my son sketching on the tube

Other things fascinate me while I walk on the street- the homeless people carry the greatest weight. They are the real Londoners, they've seen life! They know the city and can tell you everything you need to know. I can't resist recording these people in my sketchbooks, sometimes they are sitting and begging, some have a good job of selling the Big Issue Magazine, some are just asleep on the road side waiting for the wake up call of a Policeman who doesn't like their positioning.....all these wrap up my desire and Inspiration behind sketching!

My Public Transport Sketches

Then comes my love for architecture, I would have been an architect if not an artist. But my God directed me where He wanted me to be after asking Him for guidance way back in 1990 when I first met Christ. Yes, architecture, the play of light on architecture is amazing, I simply love it and I love to include trees and people into my architectural scenes just to have a good contrast of the organic and inorganic.

Architecture-Oil and Pencil

I love using pure graphite, coloured pencils and the wonderful oil base pencil for these and an A4 Moleskine sketchbook.

I also do oil sketches in location too.

This wraps it up for me! I'll be sharing my sketches of London and Londoners with you! I hope you'll enjoy and subscribe to USK London!

Homeless Scenarios

Lest I forget
My website
My main blog about my art and passion for sketching
My blog where I convert the sketches to paintings
I'm currently a provisional member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters
and a member of The Chelsea Art Society


  1. Sometimes I think about whether sketching is art. Not sure about what I do, but you're there buddy.
    Wonderful art Adebanji !

  2. Thanks John Wright, Believe it or not-Sketching is an art in it's purest form and beauty! What we both do is art!

  3. I love your sketches and that your son sketches with you. We are coming to London in April, first visit for my family (husband and daughter, all sketchers!) and this blog and your work will be our bridge. Thank you for sharing your amazing art!

  4. Thanks Jamie, that sounds great! Hope you really enjoy your visit when you come in April.

  5. Hi Ade, Picture of you and your son sketching is so classic.
    i am an illustrator myself but secretly wished i had started earlier and also found someone guide me.

    Hope it was a wonderful time out for you both.

  6. Yes it was! I agree, it's always good to start off early but never to late to catch up on lost time!


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