Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Meet the correspondents: Zhenia Vasiliev

For me, both a graphic designer and illustrator, drawing is rather a process of thinking rather producing a finished piece. I love to think about how things look like, and drawing helps me with this, so sketching is a big part of my profession.

Regrettably, my full-time work schedule does not allow me to do full-scale sketching sessions too often, so most of the time I do a sketch on the go, whenever I am - so any place around London will suit me as a sketcher. I love working on along Regents canal, sketching birds, trees and people in the parks, or make a quick street scene from a cafe window, especially when it's cold outside.

I love trying all of the art materials and exploring how different materials work together in a sketch. When I go out of the house, I just grab something that lies on my work table - a bunch of colour pencils, a waterbrush, a watercolour box or just a ballpoint pen. All the materials are worth exploring and give a new dimension to my work.

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Marble Arch, waterbrush, india ink

Traffic jam, colour pencils, from an upper deck of a double decker bus.

Upper street sketch, North London, watercolour



  1. Great Sketches and I really like that picture of you contemplating in front of those brushes, that always happens to me!

  2. I always enjoy your drawings. Yes, in the art shop, for me it's "I only have a gazillion brushes now, but I really need this one!!!"

  3. Nice work, and photos
    I like the "traffic jam" as it is.
    For a second there I thought you posted a photo of Daniel H. Wilson, the robotics guy.


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