Tuesday 28 October 2014

Sketchcrawl at Trinity Buoy Wharf on 16th November 2014

Put this date in your diary!  The next Urban Sketchers London Sketchcrawl will on Sunday 16 November (12-4pm)

Trinity Buoy Wharf is in East London on the north bank of the Thames - across from the O2

You'll be able to sketch unfamiliar vistas of the Thames, the O2, Canary Wharf and other riverside landmarks from one of the last bastions of Docklands history, Trinity Buoy Wharf!

More details later.

Thursday 16 October 2014

"... away above the chimney pots ..."

Mile End Road, E2

Grove Road, E2

Perhaps it is all down to Judy Garland, I mean, can any of us look at chimneys without thinking of her? I can't stand it when the stacks are capped off or the originals are replaced with an apology of  ghastly short stumps. Anyway, Mile End has quite a good outcrop and I enjoyed getting a few more in, and their shops which are fortunate enough to own them.


Wednesday 1 October 2014

A new Nine Elms: coming soon

This view upstream from the embankment opposite the Houses of Parliament is the kind of view I like the best: the obvious thing to do is draw the well-known sight (which I did as well), but what is behind you is often telling another story. Past the moored pleasure boats, Lambeth Bridge, and the towers of Vauxhall is a thicket of construction cranes that are working to change the face of Nine Elms. Disused industrial land larger in area than Hyde Park is being developed into a residential and business district, with new US and Dutch embassies (by 2017), homes for 30,000, jobs for 25,000 and there are plans for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge and rail stations. I've written before about the tortured landscape of Vauxhall; big changes there are also part of the plan.