Sunday, 30 December 2018

An Urban Sketchers year in review - We drew London in 2018

Happy New Year from Urban Sketchers London

Thank you for making this such a brilliant year.  See you in 2019! 

Let's draw London in 2019

We drew London in 2018 

January - The Wellcome Collection
Led by Jo Dungey and Cathryn Worrell

February - Tate Britain
Led by Lis Watkins and Gafung Wong

March - Leadenhall Market
Led by Olga Mackness and Cathryn Worrell

April - Walthamstow
Led by Elizabeth Blunt and Philip Stones

May - Three Mills Island
Led by Martin Stone and Steven Baker

June - Twickenham
Led by Helen Hayhoe, John Webb and John Swanson

July - St Katharine Docks
Led by Jo Dungey and Gafung Wong

Summer evening sketching south of the River Thames
June - The Golden Hinde and Southark Cathedral led by Jo Dungey and Lis Watkins
July - Flat Iron Square led by John Webb and Jo Dungey
August - Gabriel's Wharf led by Gafung Wong and John Webb

August - Chiswick House and Garden
Led by Nicky Browne and Jo Dungey

September - Holland Park and the Design Museum
Led by Nicky Browne and Olga Mackness

October - Soho
Led by Lis Watkins and Evelyn Rowland 

November - National Army Museum and Chelsea
Led by Olga Mackness and John Swanson

December - Bloomsbury and the British Museum
Led by Jo Dungey and Isabel Carmona

Let's draw London in 2019!



  1. Nicely done, Cynthia! Here's to 2019.

    1. Thank you kindly, James. We began 2018 with surgical instruments at the Wellcome Collection, and ended the year at the feet of an ancient stone lion at the British Museum. Thanks to all our USk London organisers, more sketchcrawl splendour is in store for 2019!


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