Monday, 13 July 2015

Recycled interior

There have been lots of Arts Festivals in my part of South East London recently and I’ve been lucky to have taken part in some.  For the past two weekends I’ve had some sketches on display at a bistro in Sydenham which gave me the opportunity to do some drawing there too.

The interior design was quite fascinating as all the fixtures and fittings were recycled and put together in collections for maximum impact.  I hardly drew any people!

I did try to sketch one of the performers who did some improvised jazz tap dancing on one of the afternoons.  I had a go at doing a very simple animation of the sketches using ‘Vine’ to capture each of the images, adding clapping to try and get the feel of the tap sounds.



  1. Love the spare tap dancing figures and how you captured the "on the beat" guy with just a few lines.

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