Friday, 23 August 2013

Tate to Tate Sketchers!

Thanks to the small but dedicated bunch of sketchers that came down Friday last week to join me on my walk from the Tate Modern to the Tate Britain. Although the weather looked ominous to begin with, it soon brightened up into a warm and sunny afternoon.

I think the most interesting sight along the route was that of construction workers dangling from the rafters of the Blackfriars railway bridge, like giant orange bats. It was quite unusual and I'm glad we all got the opportunity to sketch it.

We also got a special guest appearance from Urban Sketcher James Hobbs, who happened to be cycling by and spotted us!

I chose to focus on smaller details of scenes to try and get more done, as it's quite a pressure when you have to keep moving. Even with our relaxed pace, I found it quite difficult to capture as much as I wanted.
I think I'll have to draw some more people next time too!

Not everyone could stay 'til the finishline, but a few of us were able to sit down and have a very pleasant drink and compare sketchbooks at the end. 

Thanks everyone! and I'm looking forward to doing something similar again soon. Details will be posted on here!



  1. Special guest appearance... I was on my usual cycling commute home from work and I was just sorry I couldn't stay and draw with you.

  2. Hello from New York, from someone who used to draw lots everyday and has sort of fallen off that regimen.

    It is so good to visit this site and see what enjoyment you all have in random collecting and drawing at places all over London.

    Will any sort of Urban Sketchers get together be going on in the second half of October? I might be able to join you all.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Frances, I'd like to do a few more low key events like this before wintertime, so keep checking the blog, it would be good to coincide!
      You're probably aware of course, but there's always for somewhere closer to home!

  3. "Tate to Tate" looks like a comic book, love that style !!!


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