Sunday, 21 June 2015

Saturday 11th July 2015 - Day trip - Let's Draw Oxford

Sketch by Isabel Carmona - Radcliffe Square - Oxford
WHAT - Day Trip and Sketchcrawl
WHERE - Oxford
WHEN - Saturday 11th July 2015
START - 11 am  - meet at entrance of the Museum of Oxford with Oxford sketchers and Oxford Workshop participants.
LUNCH - 1 to 1:30 m - meet outside St Mary's café in Radcliffe square.
END - 3:30 to 4 pm - back at the Museum of Oxford, inside, at the gallery by the Café to share sketches. Oxford workshop exhibition is on show.
AFTERS - 4:30 onwards - at the Head of River pub for further sharing of sketches, chatting and even some more drawing.
TRAVEL - from London there are regular trains and coaches - see the map below with details of stops in Oxford and links to the various websites.
MAPOxford Sketchcrawl Map Link includes start/lunch/finish/afters/places of interest information.
ORGANISER - Isabel Carmona - leave message here or on facebook page with any queries
PLACES OF INTEREST - indicated in map with links, include Oxford Covered Market, Christ Church Meadow, High Street and colleges, Radcliffe Square, Sheldonian Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museums and much more. 

Oxford sketchers and participants and instructors of the Oxford USK workshop will
l be there to make this day trip outing the most enjoyable.

As always, it's free to join, you just need to bring your own sketching materials... and perhaps a hat and sun cream - let's hope it is warm.

Hope to see you all there!


Friday, 19 June 2015

sketchcrawling around Hampstead

On Saturday we had our now monthly sketchcrawl; June's location was Hampstead, North London!
Thanks to everyone who came - with each event now I seem to meet more and more new people joining us for the first or second time, which is great - apologies if I didn't get chance to speak to you all, but I hope everyone had fun. Please upload your sketches to our group on Flickr if you want to - it's always inspiring to see everyone's different styles and interpretations.

It was a somewhat grey, chilly start to the day, but the rain just about held off, and by the end there was even some sun. I ended up getting an early tea at our lunch spot - the Buttery café, and staying there to finish my drawing.

the outside area of The Buttery, at the Hampstead Museum

 After warming up inside and seeing something of what others had been drawing, I headed off to see a bit of the heath.

Hampstead is a beautiful area, not only the heath (the most famous reason for going) but the neighbourhood itself - although it doesn't feel quite so rural and far removed from London as it did in Constable's and Keats' time, it still retains something of the peaceful village atmosphere, with its genteel houses, cobbled streets and abundant greenery. So it was nice to spend time walking around admiring the streets that normally I only have time to rush along going from A to B.
Perhaps I did too much admiring and not enough drawing, as I only got 3 sketches done, but that's the problem - there's a lot to take in.

On my way back from the heath, I came across Daphne Du Maurier's house, which I'll have to come back and sketch another time, as I spent too much time looking at the Affordable Art Fair (which cost a rather unaffordable £15 to go in), and all too quickly it was time to get back for the finish.

Just some of the sketches done on the day 
Thanks to all of you that attended, and I hope to see you again soon! The next sketchcrawl will be a summer holiday! - a daytrip to Oxford, for anyone that fancies it, we'll be joining forces with the urban sketchers of Oxford as the finale of their annual workshop - keep an eye on the blog for a post from Isabel with further information; briefly - Saturday July 11th, 11am outside the Museum of Oxford. It's free to take part, as ever, but you will have to make your own way there and back I'm afraid - trains run regularly from Paddington, and there's also the "Oxford tube" coach service running from Marble Arch.
See you there!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bus Stop H

Not the most inspiring title I know but it is true. After two visits to Waitrose in South Woodford, I had justified two large blue milk lattes and a chocolate torsade. This is the little group of higgledy piggledy buildings on view from the new 'bar' area by the check outs. Much nicer to be able to set up shop, sitting down.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Charing Cross Road Bookshops

 When I am in London I like to peruse the bookshops on Charing Cross Road which is renowned for its specialist antiquarian and secondhand bookshops.

I love the low lit, dusty, damp, and mysterious isles of cramped books full of hidden stories and history beckoning to be looked at. The thought of finding something serendipitous amongst the shelves fill me with excitement.

There is a best selling book named after the street called “84 Charing Cross Road”, a 1970 book by Helene Hanff , about a twenty year correspondence between Frank Doel chief Buyer of Marks & Co and her.

 I thought I would spend time sketching some of the bookshops that are still surviving. Bookshops especially second hand ones seem to be in decline and driven out of business by the Internet and Ebooks. 

I am building quite a collection of shop front illustrations. I am inspired by the Typefaces and signage on buildings. I have used A Lamy Safari fountain pen to do the pen work on situ and then digitally coloured the sketches using Photoshop.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Let's Draw Hampstead - 13th June 2015

Hampstead Heath, by Nathan B

WHERE:  Hampstead village and heath

WHEN:    Saturday 13th June 2015

START:    11:00am at the alleyway in Flask Walk, near Hampstead Tube

LUNCH:   1:30pm at The Buttery Café, Hampstead Museum - we can grab some food, share our sketches, and snap a group photo

3:30pm - back at the flat traffic island between Flask Walk and Well Walk, opposite Hampstead Museum - to have a look at more sketches and take any more photos, with the option of retiring to the nearby Flask pub, or a cup of tea at the Buttery café!

TRAVEL: Hampstead Tube Station (Northern Line, Edgware branch)


Organiser: Nathan Brenville (please leave any queries as comments on this post or on the Facebook Event Page)

John Constable's House, Well Walk, by Katherine Tyrrell
Click on  map above to see a specially created map with the timings and locations of the sketchcrawl as well as other interesting locations - use the menu to click on each point to find out more information. Thanks to Katherine for doing the map.

For those of you interested in sketching on the heath itself, there's also a detailed map here of points of interest.

If you do want to draw on the heath, it's worth noting that it's pretty big to say the least (!) so you may not want to trek all the way back to meet at lunchtime at the museum - this is perfectly fine, we can always catch up at the end at 3.30 instead.

Additionally, if you don't want to do a lot of walking, it may be best to choose either Hampsead village OR Hampstead Heath rather than attempting both, but it's up to you!

Hopefully June means that it's a fairly safe bet that the weather will be fine, but in England who knows! Hampstead Heath is fairly lacking in shelter, other than trees!

As always, it's free to join, you just need to bring your own sketching materials... and perhaps an umbrella and/or suncream.

Hope to see you all soon!

Boating Pond, Hampstead Heath, by Katherine Tyrrell


Friday, 22 May 2015

Fairy nice!

It’s not just the Chelsea Flower Show that has all the best greenery at the moment.  This beautiful walled garden is a few minutes walk from the centre of Croydon in Park Hill Park and is maintained by volunteers from the local community.  
The ‘castle’ you can see in the background is actually a water tower built during the 19th century to serve the large increase in the town’s population.
As the population expands in the 21st century too, there are more new shoots sprouting up near the station on Cherry Orchard Road in the form of new blocks of flats.  Or as they always seem to be known these days - luxury apartments.

Park Hill Park is hosting a ‘Flower Fairies Festival’ this summer celebrating the work of artist Cicely Mary Barker who created the original books and grew up in the Croydon area.  More details at


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015 - Call for Entries

If you like drawing you may be interested in the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2015.
  • This is the poster for their call for entries. 
  • There is a First Prize of £8,000, a Second Prize of £5,000 and two Student Awards of £2,000 each. 
  • Entry is online. You can submit three entries - and fees are discounted for students. 
  • Deadline for entries is 5pm on 26 June 2015
  • Entry is open to all artists resident in the UK.
Further information can be found: